Update On Writing Stuff!

The “Coming Soon” page on my website covers some of this, but I’ve decided that on a weekly basis I’m going to give an update on all things writing-related. This one will be longer than most, because there’s some catching-up involved, but here we go…

I’m about halfway through a mainstream tragi-comedy novel called Kumquat. (Well, that’s the working title. I don’t know yet if it’ll be the real title.) I don’t have a publisher for this one; I’m writing it at my own pace, and when it’s done, I’m gonna fling it at my agent and see what happens. 

A couple of days ago I turned in the edits for I Have A Bad Feeling About This, my second Young Adult novel for Sourcebooks. No horror in this one, but it’s really goofy. I don’t think the publication date has been officially set yet, but expect it around Spring 2014.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve finished up two short stories: “The Fierce Stabbing And Subsequent Post-Death Vengeance of Scooter Brown” for the anthology Piercing the Darkness and “Stumps” for the anthology Fear the Reaper. Both of these were by invite, but neither story has been officially accepted yet, so if you see the table of contents of either of these books and I’m not in them, it’s because my story SUCKED!

I’m 100 pages into a new horror/comedy novel called The Apocalypse Ain’t So Bad. Waiting for editor/agent responses before I proceed further. This is not a speedy business.

Yep, I’m working on Wolf Hunt II, though I’m only three chapters in so far and haven’t touched it in a while. After I finish Kumquat,  this one will get pushed much higher in the queue. New werewolf. Same George and Lou.

The hardcover edition of Dead Clown Barbecue is still delayed. The hardcover editions themselves exist…but not the dust jackets. Hopefully the problems will be resolved soon, and I can start obnoxiously promoting the book. Paperbacks should ship soon, and then a digital edition will follow.

I’ve written the script for the first issue of an ongoing comic book series called Town of Turmoil. I have done absolutely nothing with it except send it to a couple of friends. After I clear out some other projects, I’m going to do another draft of the script, and then start sending out queries!

And…I’m almost done with a screenplay adaptation of my novel Pressure! More (much more) on that soon. It’ll be complete and off to Identity Films before the next update!

So, that’s the update for this week! If I don’t post these on a regular basis, feel free to get on my case about it. 

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