Kindle Daily Deal: A BAD DAY FOR VOODOO!

If you’ve got a Kindle, you’re probably aware of the Kindle Daily Deal, where every day four new books go on sale for a ridiculously low price.

Today…A Bad Day For Voodoo is one of those books.

Yes, if you’re reading this on July 18th, A Bad Day For Voodoo is only $1.99! Holy cow! That’s crazy! You’d have to be completely INSANE not to act on this offer! But insane people love this book too! Perhaps even more than the rest of the population! So whether or not you’re insane, there’s really no excuse for not taking advantage of this deal, unless you’ve already bought A Bad Day For Voodoo, in which case the low price probably isn’t all that alluring, but I thank you for being an early adopter.

Click HERE for the details!

If it’s July 19th or later…well, it’s still a cool book. I’d buy one anyway.


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