Writing Update 7/26/2013

Okay, so this week’s writing update is a couple of days late, but compared to the usual abandonment issues this website suffers, it’s pretty mild.

My sneak preview of this week’s productivity was “I’m not going to be able to write much of anything this week,” and I lived up to that mighty promise. I wrote a 1000-word synopsis of I Have A Bad Feeling About This for the Sourcebooks marketing team and half of the introduction for the anthology Wicked Seasons and that’s it.

However, while I was at Necon, Keith Minnion told me that he was resurrecting his White Noise Press chapbook line and asked if I’d write something for him. He published my chapbook Funny Stories of Scary Sex, so of course I’ve been wanting to work with him again. This is all in the very early stages, but, hey, there’ll be a snazzy new chapbook sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, my story “Stumps” was officially accepted for the upcoming anthology Fear the Reaper. It was written at the editor’s request, so it’s not like I was drenched in perspiration every time I checked my e-mail…but getting a personal invite doesn’t always mean they’re gonna take the story!

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