DEAD CLOWN BARBECUE: The Digital Edition!


Okay, the hardcover edition of Dead Clown Barbecue is now appearing in mailboxes across the planet, so I’m pleased to announce that the digital edition is now available!

Twenty-nine stories! Including a brand-new one about a spooky ventriloquist dummy! Those things freak you out, don’t they? THERE’S ONE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!! If that were the truth, you’d be dead by now, so it’s important to read “Dummy” in my collection Dead Clown Barbecue to acquaint yourself with the danger. Or maybe it’s a NICE spooky ventriloquist dummy. You’ll have to read the book to find out. Also, the dummy story has sex in it.

90,000 words’ worth of stuff for a mere $2.99! That’s insanity! It’s madness! Get it HERE, before it sells out*!

Digital edition cover by Lynne Hansen

*E-books don’t sell out. You’ll be fine. 


2 Responses to “DEAD CLOWN BARBECUE: The Digital Edition!”

  1. Mylene Tardif Says:

    Awesome title for a book and an intriguing and catchy front cover. Makes me want to run out and get a copy right now :). Btw… Just finished Suckers and a story about Harry McGlade and Andrew Mayhem were a genius idea. It was great fun (I laughed outloud several times and my kids thought I was losing it… Believe it not, doesn’t happen that often for me). Thanks again for writing awesome books 😉


  2. jeffstrand Says:

    Thanks, Mylene! Yeah, writing SUCKERS was a lot of fun. War of the incompetent heroes!


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