Update On Writing Stuff (August 7th Edition)

Okay, time for my latest sort-of weekly update on writing-related stuff. I did finish the introduction for the New England Horror Writers anthology Wicked Seasonsand editor Stacey Longo Harris said that she loved it, which is much better than her saying “WTF is this crap?!? You’ve ruined us! Ruined us!”

I reviewed the proofreader’s comments on I Have a Bad Feeling About This. We’re now at the point where I can only change things that are actual errors (as opposed to “This joke would be funnier if he said ‘whack-job’ instead of ‘whack-nut'”), which is usually when every flaw in the book screams “Look at me! Look at me!“, but the process of going through this book yet again wasn’t too painful. The book has Wilderness Survival Facts sprinkled throughout, none of them useful, and though I had written them as separate pages between chapters, they’re going to be sidebars–an awesome idea.

I got my feedback on the Pressure screenplay. It’s not like “Okay, change this one name and you’re DONE!!!” but the second draft won’t be nearly as brutal as I might have expected.

This week I’ll be getting a contract for a short but very cool new project. A form of writing I’ve never done before. Rampant speculation is welcome, though I’m not gonna confirm or deny a damn thing.

A new digital edition of Kutter will be out on Monday. It’s the same novella that appeared in The Mad & The Macabre, but Michael McBride and I have decided to try selling our individual books separately. I’ll be posting an essay here about the reasoning for that and “perceived value” when it comes out.

And I’m back into Kumquat. I’ve passed the 200-page mark, and if this were one of my usual really short novels, I’d be shouting “I can almost see the finish line!” But this one will be longer, so I’m closer to the middle than the end, but I’m hoping to finish it up before the end of August. Stay tuned here for updates on whether I succeed or shamefully fail.

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