Death to WobbleCam!

So last night I saw You’re Next. Loved it. Could have been my favorite movie of the year so far (okay, except for This Is The End)…but it uses that frickin’ shaky camerawork!

Does anybody actually like this style of filmmaking? I can understand the advantage to the film makers, in that if an actor trips or a picture falls off the wall while shooting the scene it won’t matter, because you can’t tell what’s happening anyway (Ed Wood would have loved shaky-cam), but from a purely aesthetic point of view…WHY???

The only other explanation is that the cameraman was having a seizure throughout the filming, in which case somebody really should have provided medical assistance.

You’re Next is a cleverly written, suspenseful, funny, inventive horror flick that totally botches some of the biggest scenes because of visual incoherence.

At the risk of sounding like a crabby old man…STOP IT! JUST STOP IT! HOLD THE DAMN CAMERA STEADY!!!

Thank you.

One Response to “Death to WobbleCam!”

  1. Dream Weaver Says:

    Shaky-cam can cause vomiting and is generally used when a cameraman suffers from palsy. There should be a charity to collect money for medication. “STOP SHAKY CAM- Donate to stop cameraman’s tremors”


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