Update on Writing Stuff (August 28th edition)

Still working on my novel Kumquat, which is 99% certain not to be called Kumquat when I send it to my agent. I’d hoped to have it done by the end of August, but it won’t be, which is no big deal because HA!!! I don’t have a deadline! I can finish it whenever I want! (But it’ll be done soon.) 

Thus far the only foreign language my books have been translated into is German. That’s not changing yet. But I WILL have my short story “Eight-Legged Vengeance” translated into French for an anthology next year. 

I reviewed the edits for my short story “The Fierce Stabbing and Subsequent Post-Death Vengeance of Scooter Brown” for the anthology Piercing the Darkness and answered a question from the editor about a shameful continuity error.

And I continue to update my list of ideas for that wolfy sequel…


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