From an early age, I promised myself that if Joe Konrath ever wrote the first part of a YA serial zombie novel with his son and asked me to write the afterword, I would say, “No way, dude. Bite me.”

Finally, that day arrived. And I stared Joe right in the e-mail and said, “Sure!” Because I remembered that he’s my meal ticket. 

So, Joe and 15-year-old Talon Konrath present Grandma?, the action-packed, funny first part of a serial novel. Afterword by me. 99 cents. 

Get it right here:



One Response to “Grandma?”

  1. ceciliajbh Says:

    OH…WOW!!! This looks too cool, fun & creepy for words! My son & I have just re-read King’s “Gramma” (I think in his collection titled, “Skeleton Key”). This is not the same scenario as King’s story…but just seeing the picture reminded me that little old ladies & the geriatric set at large may not be as innocent & benign as everyone thinks…:)

    Love this, Jeff, & I’ll be picking up a copy for my Kindle! Thanks for sharing & keep us posted for the follow-ups in the series…:)

    (oh yeah…if I were you, Jeff, I would NEVER say “bite me” to the elder Konrath…ever!)


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