Update on Writing Stuff (September 11th edition)

I’m still working on my novel Kumquat. Gettin’ really really close to the end, although it’s going to need another full pass before I’m ready to send it off to my mighty test readers. 

I wrote the afterword to the first part of Joe and Talon Konrath’s serial YA zombie novel Grandma?, though of course I’ve already posted about that, and you’ve already bought it. 

Did some edits for “Bath Time!” a short story that’ll appear in The Horror Library, Volume 5. 

And I started writing down notes for a new horror/suspense novel…but Wolf Hunt 2 is ahead of it in line…



5 Responses to “Update on Writing Stuff (September 11th edition)”

  1. Kyle L. Says:

    Wolf Hunt 2! Awesome!! Test readers?? *raises hand* Pick me pick me! 😛


  2. Wendy Says:

    Hey Jeff!!!! Pick me for a test reader. I have a pug! I love pugs too. I never did till my husband brought home a literally mangy two pound stray puppy somebody that he works with did not want. He is much better now scabies all gone but since he had lost most his hair and was weak when he brought him home we named him samson. An army of pugs very much would be invincible I agree whole heartedly what with their curly tails and AH AH AH noises they make as they try to muster up a fierce growl.
    And if you have never watched llamas with hats 1-4 you really need to I think you would appreciate it.


    • jeffstrand Says:

      Anybody who nurses a pug back to health gets to be a test reader!


      • Wendy Latham Says:

        Funny thing about k-9 scabies that most people don’t know. It transfers to humans. So my daughter, son, husband, and myself also contracted them. The itching was so bad I thought I might scratch my myself into nothingness. And the cream that people have to use for the treatment is a misery I had never known. It felt like a million spiders crawling just underneath my skin for the 12 hours it had to stay on me. Ok finally the funny part, our older dog, evidently the smartest creature in the house, was the only living thing not to be infected with dog scabies. And people call him stupid because when he pees if the tree is to his left he always hikes his right leg. My son calls my older dog my Hell hound because when ever I tell him to stop something or he thinks for some reason my son is abusing the furniture he barks at him and pulls his pant leg till he falls down. (Don’t worry my son is a big old corn fed teenager no harm except to his ego when was a kid we had a Doberman named sugar plum that did that to me that did that to me whenever my mom tried to spank me but when my dad tried to spank she jerked him down)
        Well I have rambled once again, but what can i say but, ADD one hell of a thinking disorder huh? Some how I believe its quite possible that you might be one of the few people that can read this and see how its all connected and makes sense.


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