Update on Writing Stuff (October 17th edition)

The waiting game begins on Kumquatwhich is my first novel in well over a decade that was not written (or at least completed) without a publishing contract already in place. There will be some more tweaks to the manuscript before it actually goes out to editors, but test reader feedback indicates that the book is not unreadable crap, which is promising.

I’m deep into a tie-in project that’s due on Monday. I can’t blab about it yet, but you’ll probably recognize the property. If I were going to be home for the next four days, I’d be having a good hearty laugh over how little is left until I’m done, but since I’m traveling, I’ll need to make good use of my airplane time.

In fact, I’m traveling so much over the next six weeks that actual writing time will be very difficult to come by, and most of these updates will be dry and barren.

But I did get the advance reading copies of my YA novel, I Have a Bad Feeling About This, and I’m really pleased with the way they turned out. The book won’t be out until March 2014, so there’s no reason to camp out at your local bookstore until the beginning of January.

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