Update On Writing Stuff (November 6th Edition)

Okay, so, I did turn in my media tie-in project in on the day it was due, without even resorting to “Hey, it’s still 11:59 PM in Alaska!” I’m still not allowed to blab about it, but oh, there will be blabbing soon…

I cleared out a whole bunch of writing-related-that-aren’t-actually-writing things, including some blurbs (“________ is a writer to watch!”) and some much-needed website updates.

Earlier this year, on request, I did some sample chapters of a horror/comedy novel called The Apocalypse Ain’t So Bad. (Kind of an expansion of my short story–it doesn’t have the same characters, but it has the same premise of maintaining a sunny attitude during a mutant-filled apocalypse.) I never did hear back on that, but now that Kumquat is done, I thought “Jeez, I’m 100 pages into this thing–I should really rescue it from the back burner.”

I promise that I’m not abandoning Wolf Hunt 2!

Buffalo Dreams Film Festival

If you’re going to be in Buffalo this weekend…hey, so am I! Maybe I’ll see you there.

I’ll be attending the Buffalo Dreams Film Festival in the prestigious role of the Spouse Of A Screenwriter Who Wrote One Of The Short Films That Will Be Playing. That film is “He’s Not Looking So Great,” written by Lynne Hansen and directed by Gregory Kurczynski. It’s playing at 9:20 PM on Saturday, November 9th, right before Return to Nuke ‘Em High. That’s right–Return to Nuke ‘Em High! Holy cow!

They’re playing movies galore and you should totally be there. Check out the full schedule and get all the information you need at the official Buffalo Dreams website.

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