Update On Writing Stuff (November 6th Edition)

Okay, so, I did turn in my media tie-in project in on the day it was due, without even resorting to “Hey, it’s still 11:59 PM in Alaska!” I’m still not allowed to blab about it, but oh, there will be blabbing soon…

I cleared out a whole bunch of writing-related-that-aren’t-actually-writing things, including some blurbs (“________ is a writer to watch!”) and some much-needed website updates.

Earlier this year, on request, I did some sample chapters of a horror/comedy novel called The Apocalypse Ain’t So Bad. (Kind of an expansion of my short story–it doesn’t have the same characters, but it has the same premise of maintaining a sunny attitude during a mutant-filled apocalypse.) I never did hear back on that, but now that Kumquat is done, I thought “Jeez, I’m 100 pages into this thing–I should really rescue it from the back burner.”

I promise that I’m not abandoning Wolf Hunt 2!

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