BBQ Signage

When my wife and I were in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, Rich Dansky and Melinda Thielbar took us to their favorite BBQ place. It was indeed truly delicious. Nom nom nom.

I’m mentioning it here because I took a picture of the sign. Ignore the hilarious wood-related material and look at that pig. It’s traditional for barbecue signs to feature pigs taking delight in the fact that they’re going to be devoured, but this particular pig is different. His expression says “I take pleasure in the torture and consumption of my own kind. You’re gonna squeal.” That is one sadistic frickin’ pig.


Meanwhile, over on Facebook, Wendy Latham shared this photo, which is about as demented of a pork promotion sign as I’ve ever seen. There’s even blood on the bandage!


If you’ve seen any (real!) BBQ signs that are equally or more deranged, please feel free to post links to photos in the comments section.

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