Social Media Stuff

In case you were wondering where else to find me on social media…

Facebook (Regular Page)I post something goofy there pretty much every day.

Twitter. This is usually a cross-post of whatever I posted on Facebook, unless it can’t be cut down to 140 characters.

Facebook (Fan Page)No cross-posting between this and my other Facebook page. Though this one has been abandoned for long stretches of time, lately I’ve been doing posts on a regular basis. The two pages don’t really have separate identities at the moment, but I think the Fan Page will be more writing-specific posts, and the Regular Page will be more general silliness. Follow ’em both for the full experience.

Goodreads. If you want to know what I’m reading.

Linkedin. On it. Hardly ever check it. It’s always weird to see that people have endorsed me for skills I don’t have.

Am I missing out on any really awesome ones?

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