HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Committee

I’m pleased to announce that I’m part of the official Horror Writers Association 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award committee. John R. Little, Greg Herren, Jo Fletcher, committee chair Kathryn Ptacek, and I will be viciously fighting over the next recipient(s) of this award. Blood will be drawn. Friendships will be shattered.

The prior recipients are:

2012 – Clive Barker, Robert McCammon
2011 – Rick Hautala, Joe R. Lansdale
2010 – Ellen Datlow, Al Feldstein
2009 – Brian Lumley, William F. Nolan
2008 – F. Paul Wilson, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
2007 – John Carpenter, Robert Weinberg
2006 – Thomas Harris
2005 – Peter Straub
2004 – Michael Moorcock
2003 – Anne Rice, Martin H. Greenberg
2002 – Stephen King, J.N. Williamson
2001 – John Farris
2000 – Nigel Kneale
1999 – Edward Gorey, Charles L. Grant
1998 – Ramsey Campbell, Roger Corman
1997 – William Peter Blatty, Jack Williamson
1996 – Ira Levin, Forrest J. Ackerman
1995 – Harlan Ellison
1994 – Christopher Lee
1993 – Joyce Carol Oates
1992 – Ray Russell
1991 – Gahan Wilson
1990 – Hugh B. Cave, Richard Matheson
1989 – Robert Bloch
1988 – Ray Bradbury, Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes
1987 – Fritz Leiber, Frank Belknap Long, Clifford D. Simak

Who will the next one be? Perhaps…….YOU?


2 Responses to “HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Committee”

  1. Christia Says:

    Good luck with that Jeff…and also I can’t believe Mr Richard Laymon isn’t on that list : (


  2. jeffstrand Says:

    Sadly, Richard Laymon died before he was 60 (the minimum age for a LAA recipient).


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