BBQ Signage Revisited

A few days ago I asked people to share photos of truly demented signs for BBQ restaurants. I got a link from the website Marie Let’s Eat to their article “That Pig’s Not Going To Cook Himself…Or Is He?”

This must-read article shows how numerous barbecue places use the exact same pig as their mascot. This particular pig is not just doing the standard “Mmmmm…gonna eat my own kind! Nom nom nom!” thing. No, this pig is sitting by the fire and cooking himself! But, oh, it’s even worse than that: he’s cooking his crotch!

If I were a pig, I would a) not cook myself, but if I did, I would b) at least not start at the crotch! At least it’s a pained smile. Click on the link above, check out the pictures, and tell me that this pig isn’t thinking, “Go to your happy place…go to your happy place…”

Marie Let’s Eat covers lots of restaurants, BBQ and otherwise, in the southeastern USA. They cover some Florida places but they don’t quite make it far south enough to be near my area; however, the next time I head up to Georgia I will definitely be using this site as reference material.



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