Well, today is my birthday. But don’t get me a gift. No, really…I know you think you should, but I already have everything I need. Except a pony. I can’t let you buy me a pony, though, because you’d probably get the wrong color, and then I’d have to paint the pony, and you don’t want a painted pony on your conscience.

Instead, why don’t you buy YOURSELF a present on my birthday? I know, I know, it’s insane, but I insist that you click on THIS LINK and then go on a crazed shopping spree. Fill that online shopping cart. You deserve it.


One Response to “B-Day”

  1. CharlieF49 Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jeff. Hope the cake is not a lie.
    Thanks for letting me buy myself a present–very generous of you…wait.


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