Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Totally Rocked And I Don’t Care If There’s No Love In Your Heart For It

Y’know, if I wanted to, I could make this entire blog nothing but Survivor-themed posts. I won’t, but I COULD. Easily. You’d be all like, “Holy crap! How many more posts is this frickin’ guy going to devote to Survivor?!?” and the answer would be ALL OF THEM. Because I love Survivor. You doofi (plural of doofus) who say “Is that show still on the air? Har har har” are missing out.

All I’m gonna say is that with Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the 27th (!!!) season that just finished up on Sunday, the show had its second best season ever. Twenty-seven (again: !!!) seasons in and it’s more unpredictable than ever! Madness!

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