Stalled is a British horror/comedy flick in which our hero, a maintenance guy, is trapped in a restroom stall in the office building where he works during a zombie outbreak. Almost the entire movie takes place in the restroom, and the film does a pretty great job of keeping things lively in a single location. It’s funny (though you probably shouldn’t expect highbrow humor in a movie about a guy trapped in a toilet stall), inventive, and even kind of touching at parts.

Buried, in which Ryan Reynolds is buried alive, is probably my favorite example of a single-location film. No flashbacks, no cut-aways…literally the entire movie is him in the coffin.

I also really liked Frozen, though it takes too long before our heroes are finally trapped on the ski lift.

What are some other examples of the best single-location movies?


4 Responses to “Stalled”

  1. wendy Says:

    I liked frozen because it had bell hounds.
    ATM is a decent one location movie. These people get trapped in an ATM by a psycho killer.

    I despise open water

    I will be checking out stalled.


    • Wendy Says:

      *hell hounds not bell hounds.


    • jeffstrand Says:

      I’ve never seen ATM. I’ll have to check it out. I wasn’t a fan of Open Water, either, though admittedly I could have just fallen prey to the unbelievable hype.


      • wendy Says:

        Well I had a response all typed out and my kindle decided that it ended to be thrown to the wolves or something because it disappeared. Anyway I watched stalled and was very impressed. They did an absolutely fantastic job in making everything such a small space. I had to watch it alone because nobody in my family will watch spooky coa coas’ except my daughter and she was at her Nanas’s house (i call scary gory movies spooky coa coa because when I was real.little I had a record of ghosts stories and such. Looking back I think people died in those stories, young kids died in those stories in some awful ways and being the tough little five year old I was I just soaked in the horror. The seventies were really just a strange time a kid .but short story becoming long this.little boy my mom baby sat called that reqcord spooky coa coa and we listened to it every day. The name he gave horror just stuck inn my head. I think.scotty may. be the reason for my gore thirst that nobody understands)
        I will be checking out buried, but tend to think it may disturb me because I do have a fear of being buried alive.
        If you want to watch a funny as well I would give it a rate movie the k out killer nerd. I watched it years ago.and me and my roommate laughed and laughed. We still quite it back and forth to each other cause there are a few lines that just grab you..don’t expect a lit of gore it’s just a cheaply made movie about a nerd looking his mind and killing some folks. I actually am the proud.owner of a copy of it and it’s sequel thanks to my former roommate.
        Well this got long. Sorry, unmediated ADD strikes again. Everyone is asleep and I am awake.with a full.mind.


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