Update on Writing Stuff (December 18th Edition)

In my last thrilling update, I’d said that I had two short stories due. No doubt you’ve suffered many sleepless nights since then, wondering if I finished them. (“What if he missed his deadline? Do authors get their legs broken for that? What if Jeff’s legs are broken right now? Could I have saved him if I acted sooner?”)

Well, you need stress out no longer. They’re both done. One was for a collection of dark fantasy stories called Out of Tune edited by Jonathan Maberry, and the other was for…actually, that one still may be a secret. Out of Tune, however, has an all-star (except for me) roster of authors including Kelley Armstrong, Simon R. Green, Jack Ketchum, Nancy Holder, Seanan McGuire, Keith DeCandido, Gregory Frost, David Liss, Christopher Golden, and Del Howison. My story is very, very, very silly.

[UPDATE: The other project is a book called The Gruesome Tensome: A Short Story Tribute To the Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis, edited by Nick Cato.]

I heard back on my story for the tie-in project that I’m still not allowed to reveal. Fortunately, it was not “WTF were you thinking, you fool?!? You’ve doomed the franchise! Dooooooooooooomed it!!!” I’ll announce it soon(ish).

No updates on my novel Kumquat, dammit.

Any time I announce a project that’s in the early stages, you pretty much have to say “Yeah, yeah, we’ll see if that happens.” But at the moment, it looks like my next novella for DarkFuse is going to be called Chiggers. If you kids are interested, I may do semi-regular updates on this one, following it through the entire process. 

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