Gave Up The Ghost – Cast Reading


Hey, what could this be? Why, it’s the cast reading my screenplay for “Gave Up The Ghost,” a short horror/comedy film that will be directed by Gregory Lamberson and included in the horror anthology Creepers. 

Starting at the left, moving clockwise, pictured are: Gregory Lamberson, Kaelin Lamberson, Sam Qualiana, Jessica Zwolak, Drew Bialy, Alexander Sloan McBryde, John R. Renna, and Paul McGinnis. Also pictured through the window is that delightful Buffalo, New York weather, which I will be braving in a couple of weeks when I travel up to the frozen north to hang out on the set. 

Check out the Creepers Facebook page for lots-o-updates on “Gave Up The Ghost” and the other three films included in the anthology! 




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