Coming October 2014…


12 Responses to “Coming October 2014…”

  1. Steve Black Says:

    That pic is as subtle as a kick in the stones 🙂

    Looking forward to this one Jeff 🙂


  2. Chrys Says:

    what does the fox say?


  3. CharlieF49 Says:

    Awww…lookit the cute puppy.


  4. Kyle L. Says:

    Ohhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaa I think I know what that means!! Any word on the possible limited ed. publisher Jeff? I want it to look pretty next to its baby brother. 🙂


  5. cliff Says:

    What the check is it?


  6. Kimberly Yerina Says:

    When/where can we preorder the limited h/c?


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