The Kindle edition of Fangboy, my dark comedy fairy tale, is back! (You probably didn’t notice it was gone. That’s okay.) 

It’s among my personal favorites of my books, and this strange little novel is now only $2.99! Cover by Zach McCain

Order your copy RIGHT HERE


Seton Hill University – In Your Write Mind Workshop

June 26 – 29 I’ll be the featured author at Seton Hill University’s In Your Write Mind Workshop in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. I’ll be giving the keynote speech, participating in the agents’ panel discussion (as a representative of authors everywhere), critiquing query letters and pitches, and various other things. There will also be an open-to-the-public mass book signing on Friday the 27th, so if you’re anywhere in, let’s say, the upper right quadrant of the United States, you should be there!

(The website link above hasn’t been updated to include me yet, but I promise it’s true.)

(I have to say that because I’m still scarred from back in 1995, in the early days of the Internet, when I became the moderator for the online bulletin board for the Horror Writers Association. I posted this information elsewhere, and when I got into the top-secret moderators-only section, I discovered that somebody had posted “Hey, I just wanted to let people know that Jeff Strand is telling people that he’s a moderator for the HWA board.” He thought I was making it up! How pathetic and desperate for attention would somebody have to be to lie about something like that? A lie that would fall apart as soon as any participating member of the HWA board said, “Uh, no, you’re not.” I mean, seriously!)

(Sorry for the digression. See you in Pennsylvania.)

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