The Kindle edition of Fangboy, my dark comedy fairy tale, is back! (You probably didn’t notice it was gone. That’s okay.) 

It’s among my personal favorites of my books, and this strange little novel is now only $2.99! Cover by Zach McCain

Order your copy RIGHT HERE


8 Responses to “FANGBOY”

  1. Deb Gallatin Says:

    Purchased! Looking forward to reading it later today 🙂 For now, time to plant the flowers.


    • jeffstrand Says:

      Yes, the flowers must come first. You don’t want them to rise against you!


      • Deb Gallatin Says:

        As a matter of fact Jeff, some of those crazy flowers DID wind themselves around my ankles(for nefarious purposes?). Good thing I had my trusty hatchet from…let’s just say earlier. LOL


  2. Muriel Says:

    It’s a favorite of mine, as well. Probably your greatest work in my estimation. Not that I don’t love your other books, I do, really, no I swear, honestly, why are you looking at me like that, you KNOW I love them all, it’s just, hey, what are you doing with that knife?


  3. darkscrybe Says:

    Love that cover art Jeff!


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