Kumquat Reviews!

Several readers have been kind enough to post KUMQUAT reviews on their blog or review site. Check ’em out! Bookmark ’em! Visit them each and every day!

Sinister Sister Speaks.

Becki’s Book Blog.

Horror Drive-In.

The Novel Pursuit.

Mkitty’s Bubble.

Gregor Xane.

Uberschaubare Relevanz. (Negative review here, but the wounds to my heart will heal in time…*sniffle*)




9 Responses to “Kumquat Reviews!”

  1. Muriel Says:

    Oh come on Jeff, no, really,it wasn’t incredibly negative, really. Unfortunately you can’t read my really negative reviews, because they’re German, so you’ll have to believe me. I’m just really bad at liking things recently.
    (Come to think of it, you did read my opinion on Breaking Bad. That’s an incredibly bad review.)
    If it makes you feel better, you can publicly dislike any book of mine any time you feel like it …
    Well I had to try.


  2. Rebecca Says:

    Negative review?! Oh noes! I will have to have my German husband translate it for me so that I may cringe and quake and wonder what misery the poor dear is currently afflicted with, that she did not enjoy a rom-com with fruit!


    • Muriel Says:

      Never fear, left sibling, the review is already translated for your cringing pleasure.


      • Rebecca Says:

        Ohh, I just read it and its actually a great review, even if it is negative to Kumquat, because it is still positive about the author’s work. I wonder if maybe part of your displeasure with Kumquat had something to do with the lack of horrible death. I know when I was reading, I kept expecting one to pop out and smash me in the nose, but I was greatly relieved when it didn’t happen. I can see why that might bother other die-hard Strand fans. Sometimes we expect that bloody nose and get pretty irritated when we don’t need to pinch and tilt our heads back.


      • Muriel Says:

        Why thank you, very kind! I’ve asked myself the same question, but I assure you, I was not expecting gore. I was just hoping for something to care about, but didn’t find it. Might have been my problem, but still, that’s how I feel.


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