Necon 2014!

This weekend, it’s time once again for the unspeakable awesomeness of Necon, the only horror convention that includes a field trip to go play miniature golf. (Miniature golf is optional.)

It’s in Rhode Island. You should go. If you DO go, I’ll be very easy to find, but here’s my official schedule:


3PM  Panel:  “Quiet On the Set!: The Long, Long Road from the Page to the Screen”

Lynne Hansen (Moderator), Amber Benson, John Dixon, Mallory O’Meara, Brian Keene, Jeff Strand

10PM   Necon Late-Night Movies

…which include “Gave Up The Ghost!” along with movies by Lynne Hansen and Amber Benson!


10AM   Panel:   “The Neverending Story: Writing an Open-Ended Series”

Craig Shaw Gardner (Moderator), Amber Benson, Chris Golden, Jeff Strand


Check out the complete schedule, list of attendees, and all the other information you need at




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