Chomp, Chomp!

I’m an Associate Producer on the short film “Chomp.” This important-sounding credit (unless you’re actually in the film biz) covered such prestigious tasks as:

  • Doing the clapboard
  • Keeping track of the sound takes (mostly accurately)
  • Making delicious cookies for the cast and crew when they came over to do some makeup tests, although they were just those Tollhouse pre-made blocks of dough that you put into the oven
  • Carrying lots and lots of boxes and other assorted items from one place to another, and then back
  • Driving downtown to pick up one of the actors and drive him to the set
  • Buying stuff for the craft services table, and making even more delicious cookies
  • Contributing to the joint bank account that funded “Chomp”
  • Wiping up fake blood from the garage floor so that nobody would slip on it and generate real blood
  • Set design, in the form of writing funny/insane stuff on the maps that lined the walls
  • And the font used in the credits and on the promotional material comes from my handwriting

“Chomp” will have its world premiere on Sunday, October 19th, at the Halloween Horror Picture Show. Leading up to that, writer/producer/director Lynne Hansen is posting interviews with all of the cast and crew members.

Read my interview RIGHT HERE.

Read  my

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