Time Loop

Last week I wrote a blog entry about National Cat Day.

I wrote it on National Cat Day, October 29th. But I scheduled it to post on October 30th. The post was about how I missed National Day Cat…but also about how I didn’t really miss it, because I was writing the blog on the actual day, so I was writing about having missed something that I didn’t actually miss. It was this whole goofy “IS THIS BLOWING YOUR MIND???” kind of thing.

But I messed something up, and the blog didn’t post, nor was it saved. So now I’m writing a blog post about that blog post. However, though I’m writing this on October 30th, I’m scheduling it to post on November 3rd.  So when I said “last week” in the first sentence I actually meant “yesterday,” but to YOU it was last week.


5 Responses to “Time Loop”

  1. Kimberly Yerina Says:

    There is seriously a “National Cat Day”?


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