Just Because You CAN…

So I spent all day Sunday at the Florida Horror Film Festival (9:30 AM to just past 10:00 PM) and, except for a brief burger break, I saw everything that played. I wouldn’t go so far as to label myself a true American hero, but I won’t stop you from applying that label if you feel it’s merited. Excluding movies in which I am credited as an associate producer, movies where I know the people who made ’em, and movies I’d already seen (like Mr. Dentonn, which is creeeeeepy), my favorite was Pernicious. 

A couple of the short films were very, very, very graphic. Just because you CAN project a particular moving image onto a large screen in front of a paying audience doesn’t mean you SHOULD. It’s true–there are a couple of things I’d never seen in an actual movie before. That doesn’t mean that nobody ever thought to capture these images. Probably lots of people have. They just decided AGAINST it.

FILMMAKER #1: Hey, should our movie include a shot of a woman peeing for real?


But the festival was a lot of fun. I’m already looking forward to the next one, which is good, because I’ll be at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival this weekend!


One Response to “Just Because You CAN…”

  1. Kimberly Yerina Says:

    Yay!!! 😀


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