A Cruel Taunting

Today I finished “Bad Bratwurst,” which is too short to be a novella but is my longest short story ever. It’s about a bratwurst shop owner and his moral struggle to not sell sausages made from human flesh, even though opportunities to do so keep presenting themselves.

It’s going to be translated into German for a magazine which I won’t name until I know that the editor’s reaction isn’t “Dude, WTF was that?!?” There may not be an English-language publication until a future short story collection, but my next short story collection will probably be a book of all never-before-published stuff later this year, so “Bad Bratwurst” likely won’t appear until late 2016.

You’ll get over it. See? You’re over it already.

2 Responses to “A Cruel Taunting”

  1. Jim Says:

    Nope, still not over it.


  2. Chris Says:

    Ive had a hankering for a good bratwurst story for awhile now….now where am i going to find one?


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