Nevermore Film Festival!

I’ve returned from Shock Pop Comic Con, and now I’m headed up to Durham, North Carolina for the 16th annual Nevermore Film Festival. The event takes place at the historic Carolina Theatre, which was ranked in the top 100 theaters…in the entire world!

It’s probably too cool of a venue for the likes of me, but Gave Up The Ghost is screening as part of the Four Bloody Footprints program of short films at 5:10 PM on both Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd. This program also includes The Blood of Love, Tuning Oscar, and The Huckster. I’ll be doing an introduction before and a Q&A after both screenings.

But that’s not all! Lynne Hansen’s Chomp is screening as part of the They’re Coming To Get You Barbara shorts program, at 3:10 PM on Saturday and 7:15 PM on Sunday. These programs are back-to-back on the same screen, so you can make it a double feature, except that you’re seeing fourteen short films instead of two long ones!

To whet your ferocious appetite, here’s an interview with Lynne and I at Bull Spec, conducted by the lovely and talented Richard Dansky.

Be there! Get tickets and more information right here.

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