Eyeball Inspection

I had my annual eye exam today. In a bizarre change from standard operating procedure, my prescription didn’t get stronger, meaning that I HAVE CONQUERED THE AGING PROCESS!!!!!! I will use my newfound immortality to catch up on Orange Is The New Black, and also maybe to watch Daredevil and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Have you ever been expecting a bad customer service experience, and it’s almost a little disappointing when you have a good one? When I transferred my screenwriting software to my new computer, the serial number used to authorize the new machine didn’t work, and in fact it wanted a completely different number of digits. And I was all like, “Those bastards are going to tell me that my license is no longer valid for this update of the software, and I’m going to be FILLED WITH ANGER AND RAGE AND FURY!

But, no, they just sent me a new serial number and everything is working fine. It was a complete waste of some perfectly good indignation. Bummer.

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