Collection III Title

I almost have enough short stories to fill a third book…however, a few of those stories haven’t even had their original publication yet, and many of the others are still too new, contractually, for me to reprint them. So I decided a while back that my third short story collection would be all-new material.

I haven’t written a word of it yet, but at this point, the title will be Gut Busters. Keep watching this space for updates throughout the writing process. (And sometime soon I’ll write a post about how writing seven brand-new stories for Dead Clown Barbecue backfired!)

Meanwhile, my joke-writing for emceeing the Bram Stoker Awards is coming along nicely. If somebody were to say, “Surprise–the awards ceremony is TONIGHT!” I’d be screwed, but since it’s more than a week away and I’m almost done, very little perspiration is being leaked.

I do need to pick something for my reading at the World Horror Convention. Right now, I’m leaning toward an excerpt from The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever.

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