A Musical???

Last night I came up with the idea for a musical (a dark circus-themed comedy), and I wrote the lyrics to the first song. I also came up with ideas for the next three songs.

No, it doesn’t flow very well in the first draft, and I only have the vaguest idea of the actual, y’know, MUSIC, but still…musical!!!

Q: Hey! Who the hell said you could work on a musical? You’re supposed to be writing a book!

A: I worked on it after a productive day on the current novel.

Q: But you could have spent that time working on an Andrew Mayhem novel! You SUCK!

A: I’ll write what I want! Hahahahahahahaha!!!

But, no, I’m not dropping everything to write a two-act musical extravaganza. It’s purely a fun side project. For now…

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