Back From Necon…

…and immediately packing to drive up to Virginia for Scares That Care. I almost didn’t go to Scares That Care because of the proximity to Necon (I prefer to space out my big awesome fun amazing events) but couldn’t resist.

Necon was, as usual, gobs and gobs and gobs of fun. I co-hosted the Infamous Necon Roast with Nick Kaufmann. Because of the appalling things that are said at this event, we have a “Please don’t post this and end everybody’s career” policy, but I think it’s safe enough to share this photo (courtesy of Tony Tremblay) of Nick and I gazing into a crystal ball to find this year’s victim. It turned out to be poor Sephera Giron, who will never recover.


A more thorough recap is coming soon, though by “soon” I may mean “in a week or so.”

2 Responses to “Back From Necon…”

  1. deadite1987 Says:

    I was so wanting to go to scares that care. I just don’t have the funds for it right now. Definitely next year.


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