Cemetery Dance Select

“I’ve never read anything by Jeff Strand,” you may be thinking. “If only there was a four-story sampler pack where I could check out his wares without the commitment of a full-length book, in case he sucks!”

Now there is! Yes, it’s Cemetery Dance Select, a new series where authors select four of their own stories for an exciting digital edition. My selections are:

  • Gave Up The Ghost
  • Mr. Sensitive
  • Mr. Twitcher’s Miracle Baby-Chopping Machine
  • Faerie

If you’ve already read these stories but are a crazed completist, this also contains a brand-new afterword. Check it out!

4 Responses to “Cemetery Dance Select”

  1. Jim Says:

    You meant me, didn’t you?


  2. jeffstrand Says:

    That’s crazy! But in a good way.


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