Greatest Zombie Edits

So, I’ve turned in the edits for The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever. This is not the last time I get to make changes, but it WAS my last opportunity to make changes “just because I like it better this way.” The next time I see it, all of the formatting will be done, and the pages will look just like the pages in the published book, and all I can fix are actual shameful mistakes.

Here is how the thought process works in these two situations:

FINAL EDITS (changes acceptable): “Ha ha ha! This book is brilliant! Brilliant, I say! I cannot wait for the world to read this literary masterpiece!”

FINAL PROOFREAD (only essential corrections are allowed): “Gaaaahhhh!!! I should’ve done this differently, and this differently, and this differently, and this differently, and I don’t know what I was even thinking here, and this differently, and…” [Succumbs to tears.]

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