Welcome to September!

I’ve been posting regular (brief) writing updates on my Tumblr blog. It’s not meant to be a fascinating blog (especially since all I’m really working on these days is my fantasy novel The Odyssey of Harriett) but for those of you interested in that extra bit of stalking material, it’s there!

I’m more than a third of the way done, which would be halfway if this were a normal-length book by me. But it’s going to be my longest novel, so I’m only a third done. I’m looking forward to arriving at the point where I’d be completely done if this were a normal-length book.

Did I mention that Benjamin’s Parasite is back on Kindle? Of course I did. It’s only one blog update down. But I’ll save you the time of doing all of that tiring scrolling, and give you the link RIGHT HERE. When people say they like my books, I don’t tend to say, “Which one was your favorite? Which one was your favorite? Tell me, dammit, I’m needy!” but if I did that, I’d guess that Benjamin’s Parasite would make the top five.

Hey, look, it’s the link again! That way, if you missed clicking it in the previous paragraph, you don’t have to move the mouse pointer all the way back up there. C’mon, reward my considerate nature!

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