The Horror Show With Brian Keene

Episode 37 of Brian Keene’s podcast The Horror Show is up, He’s had many esteemed guests on his show, but for this episode he dials the prestige back a bit and interviews me. The official description is:

JEFF STRAND – The Horror Show with Brian Keene Ep 37 – The funniest person in horror, Jeff Strand, sits down with Brian and Dave for a serious interview about transitioning to writing full-time, how he met his wife, humor in horror, his work in film, and much more. Plus — The Walking Dead premieres, Jonathan Janz’s monstrous new book deal, Irish rocker Matt Hayward creates the show’s first song parody, and anticipation builds for The X-Files and Ash vs. The Evil Dead.

All 37 episodes of this podcast are absolutely FREE, so I encourage you to download them all and listen to them in a two-day marathon session. Check out the latest episode at the URL below:

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