Werewolves and Gals in Blue Masks

With the craziness of the Halloween season comes a lack of time for website updates. So I’ve missed a bunch of stuff. But here are a trio of links:

I was interviewed by The Gal in the Blue Mask as part of her 31 Days of Horror. If you don’t want to read an interview with me, there’s PLENTY of other stuff from those 31 days, so check it out.

I did a werewolf roundtable discussion with Ray Garton, Jonathan Janz, and Glenn Rofle, organized by John Everson and moderated by W.D. Gagliani. If you like werewolves, and you know that you do, head on over to Not Now, Mommy’s Reading.

I’ll be at the Spooky Empire convention in Orlando this weekend, which is screening “Chomp” on Saturday as part of their film festival.

Things will sort-of calm down in November. Or WILL they…?


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