A Day at the Fair

Yesterday I went to the Florida State Fair, where I ate some deep-fried avocado.

Deep Fried Avocados

Also deep-fried cheese and deep-fried lemonade, which is a bit of a cheat because the actual lemonade is injected into the product post-deep-frying, but it was still a tasty treat. There were approximately 3,271,294 other deep-fried options available; sadly, it was rainy and cold (by the wuss standards of Florida) and we left before there was an opportunity for our stomachs to reset.

I also went into two haunted houses, both of which followed the exact same formula: You get in the little car, and ride through semi-darkness. At each turn, a prop from somebody’s discarded Halloween display lights up. Maybe it jiggles a little. Thirty seconds later, the ride is over.

Not gonna lie: I love lame-ass ride-through haunted houses. Should it have cost fifty cents instead of five dollars? Yes. I still love ’em.

(To be fair, the first one only cost four dollars, because you could get twenty tickets for twenty dollars, but to purchase only four tickets cost five dollars, and I didn’t have sixteen tickets’ worth of other stuff I wanted to do after the first twenty tickets were gone, so I only purchased the four tickets necessary for the second haunted house, so it cost five bucks.)



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