The Pipeline & The Witch

So in about a week I’ll finish my novel Blister, which means that I’ll have FOUR completed books that haven’t yet been published.

But a couple of days after that, The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever will be published, and I’ll be down to three.

Meanwhile, on Friday I saw The Witch (or, if you’re a dork, The VVitch) with an audience that was so into the movie that they didn’t sit there talking the whole damn time. This is a miracle. People never shut up during movies, and I hate to be ageist, but it’s YOU, old people in Florida reading this. Change your behavior.

Of course, reports from other, less fortunate horror movie fans are that audience members in The Witch are hee-hawing at it like braying donkeys. In a movie like this, there’s a fine line between what is weird/creepy and what is silly, and when people go into the theater saying “Ah ain’t gonna be skeered!” it can spoil the experience. So I’m breathing a sigh of relief that I got to be genuinely creeped out by The Witch.

And then I had really good sushi. I lived 95% of my life without realizing that I liked sushi, so I need to make up for lost time.

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