The Greatest Zombie Movie Book Song Ever!

Trevor Strong, the most elite comedy musician in Canada, has written and performed a song for The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever that will never, ever, ever, EVER leave your head. If you click “play” on the video before, you do it at your own peril.

(If YOU’RE looking for somebody to write you a song for any reason, Trevor’s your guy. Need a birthday present? Give ’em a custom-made song! Want a theme song that your underlings can play whenever you walk into a room? Trevor will do it! Trying to woo somebody? That somebody will be wooed like never before! Visit immediately!)


3 Responses to “The Greatest Zombie Movie Book Song Ever!”

  1. lucia Says:

    I can’t wait for this book it sounds great! Hmmm. . .a theme song why doesn’t everyone have one. That would be really cool.


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