Doughnut Cone Paradise


This delicious treat is a doughnut cone from Datz Dough. This concoction consisted of an ice cream cone made out of a cinnamon doughnut. But then, as if that weren’t enough, the doughnut was lined with Nutella. “Wow,” you’re saying. “That’s decadent.” No! The ice cream is a jelly doughnut flavored soft serve, which I suppose doesn’t really add a new level of decadence, since you already knew there was ice cream in there, but still, the ice cream is flavored like a jelly doughnut! Madness!

And then on top? Cotton candy! Bacon caramel popcorn! Whipped cream! And a cherry!

It was a test item that sold out in just over an hour, so you can’t have one now, but I’m sure they’ll bring ’em back, so be ever vigilant.

It’s amazing that I can type this, considering that I’m currently in a coma.


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