Double Dose of Movie Magic

Website updates have been scarce recently, and will probably continue to be scarce (or at least really brief) but the next couple of weeks. But then I’ll have a lot of catching up to do, including my World Horror Convention recap.

However, before I head off to StokerCon, two upcoming movies based on my books have been announced! Both are in the early stages of pre-productions and are scheduled to go before the cameras this year.

Cold Dead Handsbased on my upcoming book, will be directed by Lynne (“Chomp”) Hansen, who also wrote the screenplay! You can follow the film’s progress on its Facebook page HERE. Learn more about Without Warning Media HERE.

Mindy Has to Die is an adaptation of my novella Stalking You Now, written and directed by George Clarke. Its Facebook page is HERE. Learn about Yellow Fever Productions HERE.

The hardcover limited edition of Blister will go up for pre-order from Sinister Grin Press while I’m out of town, but hopefully I’ll have a chance to post a reminder. If not…there’s a 30-day ordering window (the print run will be determined by the number of orders) so you won’t miss out even if I share the link a couple of days late.

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