Hero Spat

Yesterday I did a “superheroes having a spat” double feature and finally saw Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. I basically agree with the consensus that BVS:DoJ was joyless and dull and CA:CW was unbelievably awesome.

It would be nice if movie studios were still allowed to keep some secrets. Think how much more fun it would’ve been if we DIDN’T know that [That One Character Everybody Loves] was in the movie. You would’ve been watching happily, and suddenly you would’ve went, “Holy crap! I never expected this! I was enjoying the movie already, and this wonderful surprise has kicked it up a couple of notches!” Of course, those Game of Thrones-watching bastards would then blab it all over social media, so only the people at preview screenings would be surprised, but still…

Got to hear a really great reading of my short story “Awakening” by Joe Hempel for the audio edition of The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror. He totally nailed the timing. I’m not sure when the book will be available, but I’ll let you know…

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