Gulp. That’s quite a pile of books they’ve got at the Tampa Carrollwood Barnes & Noble for this Friday! I sure hope you’re planning to show up. Starts at 7:00 PM.

Get the details HERE. If you’re nowhere near Tampa but would still like to visit a bookstore containing an author who writes YA fiction this weekend, click the same link, and then click the banner at the top to learn about what sort of B-Fest events might be happening at a store near YOU! There’s stuff going on all across the United States.

Latest News

I’ve added a new page to this site called Latest News. Right now the only news on it is that I’ve added a page called Latest News.

It’s just meant to be a quick, easily skimmed list, updated with a sentence or two whenever there’s something new to announce. With the actual blog, I try to throw in jokes and comments and stuff, and this is just the news, folks.

Return of the Newsletter!

I used to have a newsletter on YahooGroups.

I retired it from YahooGroups, with the intention of bringing it back on MailChimp.

I never brought it back.

Until now.

Yes, this Thursday, it’s the triumphant (?) return of my monthly newsletter. The June issue (and all future issues) features a brand-new exclusive short story. This time it’s called “The Wrong Dentist.”

I also interview myself about Blister. And five subscribers will be chosen at random to receive free signed paperback books! Whoa!

Join the madness by signing up HERE.

Florida Porch

I live in Florida. I love Florida.

However, we’re now entering that time of year where we Floridians must pay the price for living in luxury while so many others scrape ice off their automobiles, if they can find them under the snow.

The heat hasn’t chased me off my back porch (where I do most of my writing) yet. The two fans inches away blasting me on the highest setting have bought me some extra time…but how much?

Soon I fear I shall have to retreat to the indoor world to get any work done. And then I’ll have to confront my cat, who sleeps on my chair.


I’m not generally known as a hardcore horror writin’ kind of guy, but my story “Awakening” (originally from Splatterpunk Zine) is included in…


…along with other fine tales of questionable taste. Get your copy HERE!


A Blistery Reminder

The pre-order period for the hardcover edition of Blister is over halfway through. Oh, you still have time (it ends June 15th) but if you’re the forgetful sort, you may want to go ahead and take care of that.

For those who just want to read it but not have a glorious hardcover edition to proudly display to their adoring friends and family, there’ll be a Kindle edition shortly after the hardcover pre-order period ends.

For those who want a physical book but not a collector’s edition, Sinister Grin Press will also publish a paperback edition around when the hardcover ships in September.

You can pre-order your copy directly from Sinister Grin, or you can reserve it from Camelot Books, which has a fine selection of my other titles right HERE.

One Star Didn’t Read

There are plenty of negative customer reviews of my books that are thoughtful, insightful, and fair.

Then there’s this.

One Star Never Read

BAD FEELING For Dirt Cheap

Throughout the lovely month of June, the e-book edition of I Have A Bad Feeling About This is a scant $1.99.

This is across all platforms, so you can get it from Amazon, Kobo, or wherever you like.

At Amazon, if you buy the e-book you can add the audio book for $3.49 more!

If the thought of getting this delightful novel at such a low price plagues you with guilt, I assure you that I’m okay with you taking advantage of this amazing deal. I’m GLAD you’re getting the book so inexpensively. It fills my heart with happiness. Click away, my friend!


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