An Awkward Six Minutes

To promote my upcoming Blister launch party, here’s “An Awkward Six Minutes With Jeff Strand and Wordier Than Thou.”

4 Responses to “An Awkward Six Minutes”

  1. Lionel Ray Green Says:

    Bought and read “Blister.” Loved it. But “Dweller” still remains my No. 1 Strand novel and among my top 10 overall, and it’s one of the handful of novels that I’m hoping for a sequel to one day. No “Pressure” though. (By the way, “Pressure” was my second favorite Strand novel. No pun intended.)

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    • jeffstrand Says:

      I’m not sure DWELLER lends itself to a sequel. Or a prequel. I did toy with the idea of a story (not a full novel) that covers moments with Toby and Owen that weren’t in the book, but I’m not sure how interesting that would be, since we know how everything turns out.

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  2. Jim Says:

    All webcasts should be required to be unprepared for!

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