DWELLER Audiobook

The audio edition of Dweller, which is read by Scott Thomas (who also did the audio editions of Wolf Hunt, Wolf Hunt 2, and Pressure) is now available on Audible!

Click HERE to give your ears something to do.

It’ll be up on Amazon and iTunes in the next few days. And remember that most of my audio editions are available ridiculously cheap if you buy the ridiculously cheap e-books (and you can bounce between the two without losing your place!). It happens automatically with no timeframe, but I’ll keep ya posted…


January Newsletter

I just sent out the January 2017 issue of my newsletter. It contains the usual nonsense, along with a brand-new short story.

Check it out HERE.

If you think, “Goodness, what a delightful short story that was! I want to read this newsletter every single month for free!” click HERE.



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