All right, here we are two weeks into 2018! I’m told nobody reads blog posts anymore, so I guess I shouldn’t worry about typos or anything like that.

My first novel of the year, Sick House, should be out really, really soon. The digital edition is definitely a January 2018 release, and probably closer to the 15th than the 31st. (But I’m only officially committing to “January 2018.”) Though there’s a strong dose of dark comedy, this is as close as I’ve ever come to writing a pure horror novel.

My young adult novel How You Ruined My Life will be out at the beginning of April. It’s another goofy comedy in the spirit of my other four young adult novels.

I don’t actually know for sure that my novella Cold Dead Hands will be out in 2018, but I think it will.

Right now I’m just under a sixth of the way done with my novel Bring Her BackThis is a dark, intense horror/thriller kind of in the mold of Pressure. Beware…


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